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Teach, Lead, Inspire

Professional Development


Leading Up facilitators are ready to help your school district develop and provide leadership training and development for principals, assistant principals, aspiring administrators and teacher leaders.  We will work with your school district and provide services within your school district on your time schedule and based on the needs of your schools and the district.  Our facilitators have vast experience with school leadership development and have provided services to school districts across South Carolina.


Leading Up facilitators are also ready to provide your school district with induction programs for assistant principals and principals. Individual and/or group coaching sessions are available for school leaders as well.


Successful schools are those that have developed relational trust and positive adult relationships among the faculty. Distributed leadership and effective adult collaboration can be developed over time with work and dedication. Leading Up facilitators can work with your school in many ways to help you develop a trusting culture; we believe in the simple ideal that the quality of adult relationships within a school community has the biggest impact on a school's ability to improve. We are not another program or process handed down from the outside. Our programs inspire change from within the heart of the school.


Leading Up will serve you and your faculty through sustained professional development activities, stand-alone sessions, and in retreat settings.


Leading Up will tailor the program to fit your needs.


Some of the topics that may be covered include:


  • Culture responsive education

  • Restorative Practices in schools

  • Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

  • Positive classroom management

  • Teacher revitalization

  • Courage to Teach (R)

  • Courage in Schools (R)

  • Building adult communitites in schools.

  • Culture coaching

  • Equity audits/enhancement

  • Induction & 2nd Year programs

  • School change

  • Faculty retreats

  • Building parent partnerships


Charter Schools

Charter and Independent schools have some of the same needs as conventional public schools, and they have some needs that are all their own.


Leading Up facilitators can guide your school through programs tailored to your needs.


Our work includes:


  • Visioning

  • Guidance in developing a charter

  • Board Training

  • Governance

  • Team Building

  • Faculty Retreats

  • School Leadership

  • Leadership Coaching


The folks at Leading Up will tailor the facilitation of school teams in any way you like. Your teams will work together in leadership development opportunities at the school or off-site. Your choice. Your time frame. Your needs met. Call or drop us a line today and we will begin planning the future of your leadership teams.

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