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Open the Day and Head Home

A long time ago, I really cared nothing about baseball. It was pretty boring to watch, kind of slow, hard to understand, complex, plus I never played it well.

Now, I love it.

What happened?

I still don’t know.

And, I love it only in person. Know what I mean? On television and radio it’s still not all that fun. In person, it is a joy.

Don’t get me wrong. I still don’t understand the game other than you hit the ball, try to make it home and the other team tries to stop you. All of those RBI things and that ERA stuff I have tried to learn but it just does not stick. Too much math, maybe.

Sitting in a baseball stadium, relaxing, enjoying the people, the colors, the uniforms, the sights, the smells, and all else that goes with the game makes me feel I belong somehow. Sometimes the games get exciting; but only sometimes. Think that adds to the thrill.

There is not always action, there is not always excitement. But, when it is; it is.

Kind of sounds like life.

Maybe that is why it has become meaningful to me. Maybe it is why I like it live and in-person.

I love when people share books with me. Especially when they think the book will be meaningful. A wonderful person in the spiritual direction group that I facilitate told me about Richard Wagamese and his book, Embers. I am enjoying getting to know his work. Today I opened the book and read this:

“Every year, once spring has sprung, my world regains proper proportion because baseball is back. I love the central metaphor of the game---all of us helping each other to make it home. Funny how a game can teach us so much about life…”

Yes, indeed. And, today is Opening Day.

Might be a good sign!

Think I’ll keep opening the day.


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